Friday, June 29, 2007

Callaway TOUR LCG heads, are they real ?

There seem to be a huge amount of Callaway TOUR LCG FT-5 driver heads now available, but are they real or fake ?

Lets look at some some pictures and some info about them..
First two confirmed real pictures. ( no BSG watermark )

Now lets look at a few that are being sold at BSG. These will have the BSG watermark.
Now remember that the "LCD" is a rare limited release and there are more being sold on BSG that Callaway admits to ever being made.

Notice something strange with the BSG watermark BSG special Callaway TOUR LCG FT-5 ?
Maybe a few more pictures will help...

Now a few more from the BSG connection. Why the different color ? Why do they look like they were painted and the letters are crooked ?

If you have questions about this, and I am sure many will...
Just contact Callaway golf and ask.

Corporate Headquarters
Callaway Golf Company
2180 Rutherford Road
Carlsbad, CA 92008-7328

U.S. Customer Service
Mon-Fri 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Pacific)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Plain Stupidity Rant

Regarding the bsg tour dept pricing, anyone who will willingly, and gladly, play upwards of $1800 to $3000 for a "tour issue" (okay, Optifit cart) BSg Tour Dept Callaway driver that's the SAME as the retail "tour" is just plain stupid.  That person may have a college degree...  they may have a Law Degree...  they may be successful businessmen, but if you just throw away money like that to bsg tour dept, you're just friggin' stupid.  In fact, you're MUCH better off buying a retail "tour" because at least it's under warranty.  At least it's not a factory reject that the OEM is just dumping!

I can't BELIEVE some of the prices I saw.  It's unbelievable.

I knew something was up when a buddy told me that some "Insider" had found a post from May of 2006 about R7 460 Tours!!!  And of course...  bsg tour dept gets in a new batch of heads, and then proclaims that he still loves this driver!  Give me a friggin' break.  What a crock!

How about a shootout that is 5 months old!!  Heck, even Golf Digest is MUCH faster and more reputable than that, and they put out a magazine!  What a crock!!

People need a continual reminder and new people need to be able to see the truth about the BSg tour dept.

I know...this may be shocking come from me..  but I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that they
had a FT-5 Tour LCG whatever w/ a TP-7x that costs $2900 and you can add another $250 for a
BSg s-lime coloring to it.

And it's unreal that the BSg tour dept would even THINK about comparing the sh!t that they sell to a Ferrari or Porsche Carrera GT or Ford GT...  real, finely tuned, hand crafted, state-of-the-art machines, that actually not only hold their value, but actually will appreciate.  Friggin' unbelievable.  After seeing in real life a Carrera GT and a Ford GT, if I owned one, and someone compared a rejected "tour issue" driver to my $250K - $500K supercar, I'd have to laugh at them and dismiss it as mindless dribble.

I can't believe the admins on bsg and their tour dept will actually dig up YEAR OLD threads to pump up sales
on OLD technology.  And it cracks me up to see the sh!t-load of ill-fitted equipment in their BST that's been "hit once or 1 round" by people that were fit by the BSg tour dept, only for them to turn around with their 98mph swings that were fitted into x-flex shafts "tipped an inch".  C'mon.  WAKE UP!

What a crock.

Sorry for the rant...

****** As a side note, it seems that the bsg toug dept began several threads last night on bsg regarding the availability of Tour FT-5 and FTi Clubs as being for sale. Coincidentally, the results of a bsg driver shootout posted only this morning showed the FT-5 as having the highest ball speeds in their test.  Tour inventory is available and test results are posted immediately after availability. Coincidence? Random Luck? Great Business? Can you say Paypal?  Some cynics would add that the FT-i is expected to do well in another category.  ******