Wednesday, April 25, 2007

John Daly with Adams clubs ?

As posted on BigStealerGolf, some are saying that big John Daly has switched to Adams hybrids.
Some think it's just another way to drum up business for some un-certified club builders
A picture is all they say about it, but we know what it really means.
TM has no comment, that is a surprise Big John
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Huge update straight from TM !

Why is John Daly using Adams hybrids as reported on BSG when he is a
TM staffer ?

Thanks for the email.

--- TM reply---

Thank you for your inquiry regarding BSG. TMaG will not comment on its
business dealings with other companies. If you have questions
regarding product, please go to

Thank you again and we wish you continued success with your golf game.

Best Regards,


--Follow up question---

What does that mean, is Daly using Adams clubs or TM ones ?
Is what BSG posting true or not ?

--- TM reply---

John Daly is using a V-Steel 13 degree wood and Rescue TP 17 degree. If
there is any further questions please contact us at 1-800-888-2582.

Thank you again and we wish you continued success with your golf game.

Best Regards,



The Tour Van note in the picture above states the date April 24, 2007 and the Byron Nelson, which is in Irving, Texas. John Daly was playing in Shanghai last week and remained in China, arriving at this week's tourney in Beijing, China on April 21, 2007 to play in a tourney there. An interesting question is why would a tour van sitting in Irving, Texas be making John Daly clubs for use in a tournament in Beijing this week? FedEx must be really fast....


iHeartBSG said...

WoW, how bad can business get with 120 users online at max? This has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen ever, are those photos shot of pieces of paper hanging above the only window in BigStealer's and DClown's one bedroom studio apartment? I cant sit in my chair I am laughing so hard, good riddens BSG your days of screwing people are over......especially when there is tons of new Tour Burners and Superquads and etc for half the price on other sites! PS......I love watching all of your Ebay ads never get a bid, must suck to sit on about 1200 HiBore tour heads!

Shrek said...

It is very interesting that this post is no longer available to view on Toad's website. I guess they are waiting for their "In-Hand Pics" before opening the topic again. As soon as they have in-hand pics I am going to get DClown to build me the exact same thing. I am even going to have him put a 3x grind on the hybrids. It will help me hit high flops shots from 200 yards.

BSgolf said...

are taylormade now stating that they do have business dealings with BSG? v. interesting if they are.

and jose miraflor, todds TM man on the inside, he of product development and Dclowns wedge grinding guru, has now parted ways with TM. he will be using all of his technical club head design skills etc at winn grips wtf?

i wonder if it was due to toad getting him to help out with his 20k fitting sessions??

Dore said...

Good post.