Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Plain Stupidity Rant

Regarding the bsg tour dept pricing, anyone who will willingly, and gladly, play upwards of $1800 to $3000 for a "tour issue" (okay, Optifit cart) BSg Tour Dept Callaway driver that's the SAME as the retail "tour" is just plain stupid.  That person may have a college degree...  they may have a Law Degree...  they may be successful businessmen, but if you just throw away money like that to bsg tour dept, you're just friggin' stupid.  In fact, you're MUCH better off buying a retail "tour" because at least it's under warranty.  At least it's not a factory reject that the OEM is just dumping!

I can't BELIEVE some of the prices I saw.  It's unbelievable.

I knew something was up when a buddy told me that some "Insider" had found a post from May of 2006 about R7 460 Tours!!!  And of course...  bsg tour dept gets in a new batch of heads, and then proclaims that he still loves this driver!  Give me a friggin' break.  What a crock!

How about a shootout that is 5 months old!!  Heck, even Golf Digest is MUCH faster and more reputable than that, and they put out a magazine!  What a crock!!

People need a continual reminder and new people need to be able to see the truth about the BSg tour dept.

I know...this may be shocking come from me..  but I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that they
had a FT-5 Tour LCG whatever w/ a TP-7x that costs $2900 and you can add another $250 for a
BSg s-lime coloring to it.

And it's unreal that the BSg tour dept would even THINK about comparing the sh!t that they sell to a Ferrari or Porsche Carrera GT or Ford GT...  real, finely tuned, hand crafted, state-of-the-art machines, that actually not only hold their value, but actually will appreciate.  Friggin' unbelievable.  After seeing in real life a Carrera GT and a Ford GT, if I owned one, and someone compared a rejected "tour issue" driver to my $250K - $500K supercar, I'd have to laugh at them and dismiss it as mindless dribble.

I can't believe the admins on bsg and their tour dept will actually dig up YEAR OLD threads to pump up sales
on OLD technology.  And it cracks me up to see the sh!t-load of ill-fitted equipment in their BST that's been "hit once or 1 round" by people that were fit by the BSg tour dept, only for them to turn around with their 98mph swings that were fitted into x-flex shafts "tipped an inch".  C'mon.  WAKE UP!

What a crock.

Sorry for the rant...

****** As a side note, it seems that the bsg toug dept began several threads last night on bsg regarding the availability of Tour FT-5 and FTi Clubs as being for sale. Coincidentally, the results of a bsg driver shootout posted only this morning showed the FT-5 as having the highest ball speeds in their test.  Tour inventory is available and test results are posted immediately after availability. Coincidence? Random Luck? Great Business? Can you say Paypal?  Some cynics would add that the FT-i is expected to do well in another category.  ******


Anonymous said...

Just another great example of the constant lies from that place. Amazing how many ways one guy can find to rip people off and no one can catch him. Fake Tour products, buying goods stolen from tour vans, shitty work, fake business locations, refinishing retail products and selling as tour, and on and on and on. And 2 hcp? MY ASS! Trust me, he is not even a good 12 handicap. He can hit it a long way when he connects, but he swings at every club in the bag wide open. No touch with the short game and can you say FORE RIGHT!!

The funniest thing was Todd describing himself as a "Ray Lewis" type body...ROTFLMFAO!!! Which Ray Lewis are we talking about? More like a grown up Eric Cartman. And his little flaming sidekick is another great character. Todd actually would have some sort of business going if his lover could keep his mouth shut. Every time he opens it his first reaction is to stick his foot in it.

These guys are both nothing more than a laughing stock. The sad thing is, with a little honesty and not so much greed, Todd could have actually had a decent business. But he is so stupid that he does not realize he is one constant contradiction. And it is all a lie. His handicap, workout routine, body type, the marriage, the "real estate" business, the proposed store front, the equipment testing, everything. 100% lies. How is it that he has a workout routine that takes up 7 hours of his day, spends all day on his forum, spends at least 10 hours a day doing builds on drivers, and a good 6 hours a day testing on the Trackman system? Because he cant. He is so stupid that he cannot see how his lies catch up with him. And anyone that questions him is a jealous hater. Got news for you Todd, they are not jealous, they are disgusted.

Just remember folks, "know your source" is actually bsg language for "let us be the ones that fuck you over".

Anonymous said...

If the OEM's didn't firesale their product this wouldn't be an issue. The truth is contagious. As more and more realize that these guys are used car salesmen, with any luck impressionable young kids will not be spending their entire years paycheck for a limey.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I like how the real LCG heads have the L in a circle and the BSg heads have the L in a square......
Minor details?

Anonymous said...

As far as the circle and the square, the circles are the FT-5's and the squares are the FT-i's. Good observation though, but nothing to do with the issue of clubs being fake Tour products.

Unhappy said...

R7 Forged Tour….. Come on there is no such thing per TaylorMade legal. Per TM legal they are not issued on ANY tour. Take a look at the WITB or tour pictures and you will never see these in any bag. Oh okay you have the one strange one off in Mike Wier and chances are that they are not anything close to what they have made for the Asian retail. Just because one can get un-shafted retail does not make them tour. From the values that I was raised on that is called a lie.

I have got to ask this. Last year we had a chance to see a few of these sets go threw BST and until you where able to get these to sell they got no real press from you guys. Derek played T’s last year and did give them press but still not the over whelming love until you got these in stock. Are they really that great or just about marketing them? Derek even stopped playing the T’s and talked about how great the r7 TP tours are and now he is back with the best is Callaway. The love seems to be coming from owner, employees and the moderators. We don’t see many of the staffers with X-Tours anymore. Also one of the guys that I know is sponsored by Callaway and loves his X-Forged yes from the tour department. The only thing he did to his is sand down the leading edge himself. Although he did win a couple golden state tournaments with the X-Tours he swears by the X-Forged and has won with those as well. TaylorMade fit him into the 05 swirls and he dumped them the day Callaway brought him down for the X-Forged.

I think after a period of time I have lost respect for Todd and he had more then enough chances to keep it.

1. Bought PX Tour only Chrome from Todd they where just Rifle 6.0 he refunds money tells me sorry.

2. Buy R7 Forged Tour issued clubs. End up not being tour he does nothing.

3. Went to buy irons from Todd he quotes me one price then when I go to buy them he tells me I would never tell you that price. Come on we go back and forth him calling me a lire then I find the email he sent. What does he say to me lighten up I was just joking. Bull he just did not want to fess up.

4. I make a post about the head weights of the A-Tours Todd says they where used like shafted and pulled at the most. I respond with the Brand New lefty set we got was the same deal. You guys stopped post really fast then.

5. By into Insider testing with promise that you would get the value back out of clubs. BTW the people I talked with where completely disappointed about this. Dereks conversation with me below without ever an apology

Are you going to be sending out any more test panel stuff?

We might. We've fulfilled our obligations at this time, but it depends on if anymore OEMs want to send stuff for testing.


I think I am short of $500 of stuff.

hybrid 99
wedges 299
balls 20-40?

We sent out a lot more stuff than that. I'll have to go through my Premier Test Panel files, but certainly you've received more.



One I would never lie. Two that was really all I did get. You might have forgotten that I put things on hold doing that stuff with BSG. I was separated from my wife and I was in no state of mind to be doing anything like that. Luck for me we where able to work things out. Then I contacted you and Todd and said I am ready to go. You then sent me that last Adams 3i hybrid. It would be much nicer to say you will have to go through my files and cut out the part where you are saying I am full of it. It is just a respect thing to me so that offends me. I try to be careful not to offend people and know my facts first. All is good I am sure it is a misunderstanding but something to think about.



With all due respect, the wedges retail for an MSRP of $360 and the hybrid just over $200. Along with the golf balls, we have met our criteria of $500 of merchandise over the span of one calendar year.

I don't have access to my Premier Panel files at this time, hence why I was pretty sure you received more. I know we did a lot of stuff with Adams woods, Mitsubishi shafts, etc. My apologies if you were offended in any way.


hybrid 99 via Adams retail at as well as walk in price at roger dunns

wedges 299 via Solus web site for the combo set

balls 20-40? Price of balls

That is fine again I am telling you I did not get anything more! You must deal with many people trying to get over on you and Todd. Todd with the pricing of some clubs that he changed price on me, we went back an forth until I found the pm's for it. Then he offered me they Used Adams heads and said sorry about that. crap happens I know that but it is twice in the last couple months that's what buggs.

I under stand you are over it and nothing more will be sent. It is, what it is, I did not get $500 worth in my mind when I look at retail pricing and the solus was hasle on my end as well as yours with not getting the right clubs. You sent me the wrong clubs I had to pay to ship them around to fix what you guys missed as others did as well. The money is one thing the time is what I have little of.

I must have gone from a liked and respected customer to something else. I am not sure if you guys have grown so much that the personal services has suffered. Trust seems to be out the door.

I'm over it just dose not feel right but hey that is life right.


The test panel was admittedly a complete failure. It was supposed to be a giveback to the OEMs as well as a testing ground for them to get feedback and publicity on their retail products. Unfortunately a lot of things happened that stalled the system...

1. Our marketing guy at TaylorMade quit, therefore TaylorMade stopped sending retail product to test.

2. Our contact at Bridgestone moved to another industry, so Bridgestone was out of the loop in terms of product testing.

3. Callaway drags their heels and was never interested in participating.

4. All the shaft OEMs are down to participate, but it depends on if guys have heads to test shafts in and adds in additional costs for installs, etc.

We have never intentionally tried to mislead, misprice, or misquote you in any way ever. Bottom line, we are simply overworked. It's impossible to maintain a close, intimate relationship with each customer. Such is the price of success. As the business grows, it becomes more and more of a challenge to provide personalized service. This is something we pride ourselves on at BSG and we do our best to continue to provide it.

We don't hate any of our customers, and you certainly don't fall in the mix. Not sure why you would think that...but that's certainly not the case.


I know you will delete this because the truth is the truth you will have to run from it. I am sure I will get the boot as well.

BTW answer everyone how bad the L box looks on your FT-I tour pictures. I have had LCG heads from Callaway and paint was perfect. Duped is what a lot of us talk about behind closed doors.

I will also put this on the other big site so it cannot be removed

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Sharing. Conclusions that I can draw from those posts.

*They stopped receiving TM product because TM found out Miraflor was passing goods out the door. TM had no time for a "guru" when he was working a side-job with the hack twins...why do you think he works for WINN if he was such an integral part of the short game at TM?

*Bridgestone for the same reason. Not knowing names I would only presume another Miraflor type employee was caught throwing things to the hack twins for less than cost or N/C

*"Callaway is dragging their feet" because they aren't giving you anything to pump anymore.

These clowns make me more frustrated than anything. They use deceptional marketing tactics to trick young kids with a summers' caddy savings to throw on a shaft with a 500% markup.

I hope they get what is coming to them...the more people read these types of interactions the more they will realize BSG is a slum shack.

Anonymous said...

There will not be TM "tour" products...anymore...wonder why?

and there is no 382 Tour driver outthere...unless you close your eyes and think there is one and pay big $$$$, then you are stupid

wonder why they started selling TP products now?

"tour" items are drying out...

start a new trend, sell off the rack producs, convince people this is "now" the way to if "tour" is not longer the way to go

Anonymous said...

282? more like a bored out hosel superquad

Anonymous said...