Thursday, January 4, 2007

big brother thing is getting out of hand..., BSG "creatively" editing posts

K, this big brother thing is getting out of hand..., BSG "creatively" editing posts and PM's

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Can we knock off this off? Seriously. I made mention of a well-known clubfitter's name and a helpful hint he gave me to try on a club, and his name shows up "Joey" on my post. This is not what I typed.

I also was trying to communincate with someone who is a member both here and on another board, and when we would type the name of the board, it would come up as "NOPE." doh.gif

To make the assumption people do not frequent other boards and prohibit them from even mentioning the name in a private message.

BSG, what is going on? This is ridiculous... bomb2.gif

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Amen wink.gif

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and 5 4 3 2 1.........................


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Well, if this is enough to get someone kicked off this board, then so be it... lol.gif toast.gif

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If i remember back when i used to own a phpbb or ipb forum there was an option to replace words, meaning if you typed a certain work it would be replace with a different word, so maybe that is what has happened.

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BSG is a business. If you walked into Golfsmith and told everyone there to go to Golf Galaxy they wouldn't be too happy would they uhm.gif

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cheers mate

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If i remember back when i used to own a phpbb or ipb forum there was an option to replace words, meaning if you typed a certain work it would be replace with a different word, so maybe that is what has happened.

That is exctly what is being done. We are adults. Let the words I type be my own.

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its purely to stop advertising or swearing etc bit of a pain there are ways round it but i wont discuss them as i dont think i will be too popular if it do lol.gif

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He's not saying referring people to other places to shop. People talk about Ebay all the time here (which they shouldn't) In a PM words get changed. That's not right.


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Not you. The thread.


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Well, other boards are businesses too. No editing being implemented on other boards....

I consider myself a member in good standing here. I am not here to throw mud as some people have made a practice of. But I don't appreciate "Big Brother" changing my words, especially within the context of a private message. That is unneeded and ridiculous. Here was how my conversation went the other day in my private message:

Other Party: "Hey, I got the putter. I left a positive feedback for you on NOPE.

Me: "Great, glad you like it, but what the heck is "NOPE?" Is that like "Craig's List" or something? Never heard of it....

Other Party: Sorry, I must have had a brain fart while typing... I meant to say I left you feedback on NOPE.

Me: Right, but what is "NOPE?"


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Not saying that we ALL agree with everything that's done here....or any site for that matter. I think that the bottom line is when YOU own something---YOU make the rules yes.gif

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Certainly, I can see protecting business interests. But PM's?? Where does it end? What names or words become "Taboo" next? Why is this the only board I've ever been on where I cannot practice free speech? I am not here to cause trouble.

It was just too much when I am genuinely trying to help someone with my post and its content gets edited....

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I think that open posts are pretty much open game, but for PMs that definitley seems shady. Not a jab at the Mods, but thats seems to be overboard for me and I'm not sure how I feel about my PMs being edited.


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lol.gif That's like an Abbott and Costello routine!! Who's on first? You left feedback where? NOPE!!

It's a word filter, easily beatable. Put spaces in, uses symbol, go hook-on-phonics. Word filters are pragmatic for numerous reasons. I seriously doubt they are going to go away.


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Changing the words of a PM is crazy. Yes, BSG is a business but there is ALSO a forum which, I hope, is used for the free exchange of ideas. And BTW, there has been MANY a time I have going into Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, etc. etc. and they have referred me elsewhere because they couldn't do the work or didn't have the equipment. It is NOT the end of the world.

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that reminds me of dude where my car with the tatoo's

dude what does mine say
sweet what does mine say
dude what does mine say
sweet what does mine sat etc........

by the way editing in pm's is a little rediculous

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Can we get some data/facts on what words are being replaced/filtered out by a site mod/web master/or one of the owners please?

I understand vulgarities and expect those to be filtered. Would be good to know what else.

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Maybe you can't be a business AND an open forum

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Right, it's a keyword filter. But the issue is about acting in a civilized manner and not meaning ill-will toward anyone, and finding your words changed. Certainly it is "beatable" as you say, but why does such a culture have to pervade this board? We are adults and should be treated as such.

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Turn it off.... emot-angel.gif

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The filter has always been there.


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I AM agreeing with you both yes.gif All I'm saying is that it's not up to US TO DECIDE busted.gif

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I like your handicap.... lol.gif

post Today, 01:24 PM

I'll be darned...
Certainly I've said things that were more worthy of being edited before this? lol.gif

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