Thursday, January 4, 2007

BombsquadGolf, do you have a store or not?

BombsquadGolf, do you have a store or not?

From the Bombsquadgolf about me page on eBay:

Hello, for those of you who do not know us, we are BombSquadGolf. We own an incredible store in Las Vegas Nevada that has a full service repair shop, state of the art full swing fitting facility, the world's ONLY official Bettinardi putter fitting studio, and a full retail shop. Our website is the world famous, and industry respected forum and store

In our shop, we can litterally do anything you would want done to a golf club. We can bend and adjust the face angles on metal woods, blueprint irons and wedges, change the internal weight and COG bias of metal woods, and conduct all basic club repairs. We carry the full lines of Taylormade, Callaway, Bridgestone, Mizuno, Cleveland, and Nike, along with the highest end shaft manufacturers Fujikura, Mitsubishi Rayon, and Graphite Design. We also are the World's foremost authority and dealer of PGA Tour issued merchandise which is our specialty. Come see us and experience a whole new world of Golf Equipment.

From the BombsquadGolf website, here's their address:

209 S. Stephanie St.
Suite B, #202
Henderson, NV 89012

From a reader on the internet, here is a picture of that address:

How big of a putting studio can you have in a 5" high mailbox?

By the way, there really is at least one Bettinardi studio though, you can read about it here.

Note: The eBay about page has been changed to reflect the fact that they really don't have a retail store. It is a fantasy in the head of the proprietor, just like his index. At least according to the few people that he's actually played golf with.


Louis said...

I googled that address and the golf course is right down the street where they do outdoor fitting. I fail to see the point in this...

Anonymous said...

Er, the point is that they don't actually have a retail store. They obviously lied pretty egregiously on their ebay page.

Anonymous said...

the guy can't spell either...

...only one "t" in literally.


Anonymous said...

what happened to their "head mapping" service that was supposed to revolutionize the industry?