Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Welcome to BigStealerGolf.com
Simply Put, Big Things Are Coming I Like To ROLF

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Henny said...

What a great site! Hopefully people will start to learn how Bombsquadgolf owners have been lying and ripping people off. Shame on any manufacturer that supports them!! Keep up the good work!

Laszlo said...
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backspin26 said...

This site is brilliant! I'm glad someone is trying to expose those clowns for the frauds that they are.


please let me know how i can help the cause of helping others, they only got $50 of mine so its not the money, its far more than that. I have asked PAypal to take appropriate steps and I will be doing the same with other authorities including state and local authorites in Nevada. Smoke and mirrors, manipulating supply and demand, fraudulant practices, you name it... this could be on NBC Dateline or something. Lets keep the pressure up and keep spreading the word, the truth is its own defense. As soon as the clones on BSG get thrown out of their mothers' house and max out the fith and final credit card, they'll be no customer base left to rip off.

BSgolf said...

excelent site,when will you be getting in the new consignment of tour issue blogs?